Ipremier denial of service attack essay

Denial of Service Attack. There ought to be good procedure set to be used in case of occurrence of such an incident in future. Apart from this, better back up for possibility of any lost data should be put in place. It shows in a hierarchical order who is responsible for handling each duty so as to control the effects of the incident.

iPremier Denial of Service Attack Essay Sample

The first person I would have called would be Tim Mandel the Chief Technology officer immediately Leon Ledbetter called to inform me about the incident. The firm therefore faced a threat of losing its customers from the incident. The direct result of this would be decrease in sales in the firm.

Customer credit cards were at a risk of being stolen. As the CEO Jack Samuelson told Bob Turley in their telephone conversation, public relations issues had to be handled very carefully following the incident Austin, The crisis threatened to impact on the stock immediately the public got wind of what was happening Austin, What was most critical at the moment was for the customer information which the company relied on so much to be saved and prevent the credit cards from being stolen.

The binder that they could have used to protect the website in case the incident got serious was out of date Austin, My priorities during the crisis as CIO of iPremier Company My first priority would be to solve the hacker crisis and put the system back on track. The CIO in this case relied too much on Joanne and did not give considerable suggestions on what should be done about the attack.

The best system is where the network is installed with a self-defense mechanism to curb any attempts of DoS attacks Embar-Seddon, The issue of public knowledge could be saved through good public relation strategies but the data and credit cards would prove harder to come by.

The stock takes were due the following day and as the VP for business development Warren Spangler noted, there was going to be an impact on the stocks.

Risks faced by iPremier as a result of the crisis As a result of the crisis, iPremier faced the risk of losing customer data Austin, First of all, had the disconnection of the system taken place in trying to protect the system, it would take time to bring it back to normal hence cut communication with the customers Austin, Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

This would mean doing everything possible even if there was a risk of the public knowing about the incident. The iPremier Company should make sure that there is the security system to make sure that when facing attacks, the company can stop it as soon as possible.

The employees, especially the technology team, should take the responsibilities of protecting the information of the customers. The iPremier Company: Denial of Service Attack 1.

Company overview The iPremier is Web-based Commerce Company and established in by two founder students from Swarthmore College. The company is one of the top two retail businesses in online transaction which selling from vintage goods and to the luxury item.

These threats include malicious code, bots and bot nets, phishing and DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service (Laudon K., Traver C., ()). Ipremier, an online business, faced one of these threats, the DDoS attack.

iPremier is a successful online retailer of luxury, rare. An inadequately third-party managed and configured router/firewall allowed hackers to execute a DOS (Denial of Service) attack on iPremier. I recommend purchasing a new firewall solution that will be managed and configured by the Company’s IT staff internally.

The iPremier Company was founded in and had evolved into one of thefew success stories of web-based commerce.

It also sells luxury, rare, and vintage goods on the web. iPremier Denial of Service Attack Essay Sample What I would have done differently as CIO of iPremier Company If I were the Chief Information Officer of iPremier, I could have coordinated those available at home to get the cause of the problem as fast as possible before it .

Ipremier denial of service attack essay
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