What the difference between american education and chinese education essay

Whitney Journey Mercies April 10, at 2: Schools in Asian countries are lecture-based, and learning is memorization-based. At the end, what I saw when I came here was nothing like what I had expected.

It is also more common for dormitories to be self-catered in the UK, while the US normally provides a range of full dining options for its students. This means that you have to know what you want to study before you even apply.

The Difference Between Chinese and American College Life

College acceptance is determined entirely by standardized examinations administered once a year at the end of each school year. In the United States, pupils select what they want to learn right from primary level.

I like the French way too, so far so good. It then follows that the quality of elementary education in the US is higher. I want my son to excel as he wants to, but not have it define him. In some school districts exceptionally high-performing students are offered enrollment at a district college preparatory high school.

Students are much more quiet and attentive than many American students, and when a student is called on to speak, he or she is expected to stand.

Foreign education curriculum contains everything taking from arts to sports along with studies. But we choose not to and deal with behavioral issues at home. Most take a rather lengthy break beginning in mid-December and begin the second semester in early to mid-January.

Murrow's radio series of the s. Accommodation Both countries provide students with residence halls in which to live. The authority consists of boards whose members are elected and is headed by a superintendent. The professor has said that these are the people that kids study as well, so I assume in the next couple years Tae will start that.

Our oldest is only almost 4, but I often wonder about how the different educational systems work. Some private academies open their doors during vacations only; children can stay there up to 11 PM. If you have to repeat a grade, we don't tell you that you can never go to college.

We see the TV series, programs, and movies that show the daily lives of the American people.

Chinese Students Adjust to American Education

Grades The American grading system is very simple — when a student gets a particular score, he or she gets a grade that is in the range for that score e. Discipline Teachers in American schools are allowed to send their students out in case they misbehave or show lack of respect.

Instead, they will have to come from the students who today do not even have that kind of career choice because of poor-quality education in their communities. Chinese students are always fed with theories almost in all levels of study.

In America, personal expression is valued heavily. In the Chinese education system, teachers accompany their students from one grade level to the next. In other words, what we should really be concerned about is not being outcompeted by other countries but whether we'll start looking like too many of the ones that have static class structures and highly inequitable distributions of wealth.

That prospect, much more than what kids in Shanghai or their moms are doing, should alarm us. Only about 6 in 10 African-American and Hispanic students are graduating from high school. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I love hearing from people.

Shanghai Surprise: Don't Sweat Global Test Data

This system punishes bright children to an extreme. Both systems are good, just different. Also, the teachers would rarely go straight to their next class. I like to use these in the classroom. When we start testing rural China, we'll get a more accurate picture of what we're really up against.

I look forward to reading more and more.

Education/ The Difference Between High School And College term paper 14260

However, while both certainly provide an excellent environment for learning, there are many differences between the two countries regarding the structure of the university as well as student life. Love the lunch part.

For example, 25 — 30 students in one class. Chinese and American Education: Compare and Contrast.

Similarities of China and US?

Show Description + Below are Atlantic notes by James Fallows and others on the strengths and weaknesses of Chinese and American school systems. Differences You May Encounter While Teaching English in Spain. 1. Students are placed into one mixed level class (like in American elementary schools) and are with the same kids all day long, year after year.

Main Criticism of the Chinese Education System Because of the emphasis that China’s education system places on tests and exams, the system itself has come under fire for being “brutal” and also producing “robot students” instead of “ learners.

Essay on the differences between the chinese and japanese cultures.

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stanitzek essay brd finance fsu application essay result section of research paper culture shock story essay on dred essay about the american education system josiphos synthesis essay. Comparison of American and Chinese educational systems is important because the education students receive plays a big role in the way they act in society as adults.

In some ways, the educational systems reflect the society’s direction as a whole. 10 Big Differences between Asian and American Education Systems, Posted By James Rector.

10 Big Differences between Asian and American Education Systems. Posted By James Rector January 16, 34, views Previously, I have discussed the ideal school, teaching abroad, and how meeting different cultures enriches us and changes .

What the difference between american education and chinese education essay
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